Panning in Cubase Elements


Could someone explaing to me is it possible to pan stereo tracks in Elements 10.5 separately? I mean, I can easily pan the whole stereo track, but is it possible to pan the left and right channel invidually? Like in the outboard mixer?

I’m watching a mixing tutorial video and they are using Protools and they are panning the left and right channels separately. Is it possible in Cubase? Do I need Artist or Pro-version?



The Stereo Combined Panner is Cubase Pro feature only.

See Cubase editions comparison chart, please.

Ahaa! Thanks for the reply. So, I need to uprgrade to PRO.

Here’s the link for the Steinberg’s Combined panner if someone is intrested:


Thank you. Here is the link to the current manual (Cubase 11), Combined Panner chapter.