Panning in Drum Bus?

Hi everyone!

I have a quick question relating Cubase 10 Elements.
I want to send my different drum tracks to a drum bus. The overheads are panned left and right. When sent to the bus the panning information gets lost. I couldn’t find a definite answer on the issue in the manual, so maybe you guys can help out? Is this even possible in Elements?

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if you are routing several mono tracks of drums to a stereo group channel then yes, the pan setting of the various individual tracks should determine their placement within the stereo field of the group channel.

Are you using any effect plugins on the stereo group channel?

Or have you possibly used a mono bus?

Yeah, I used a mono bus, realized it like 10 min after I posted here. But thanks anyway! :slight_smile: Sometimes one just needs something or someone to reflect on the own process :smiley:

Easily done! Glad you got it sorted.