panning in nuendo 4

Hello. I’m trying to utilize the pan control when mixing on a mono channels and bussing to mono channels out to the analog world. [Mac OS>Aurora 16>Folcrom 16>pre>etc.]

  1. Can the mixer in my Nuendo do this?
  2. I can’t even change the panning options other than to change the panning laws.

Am I way off base here? any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
John :blush:

to pan a signal you need at least a stereo channel!

You had buy a $2000 software and don’t know how to pan?

Just kidding, we now your Nuendo is Cracked

Firstly, I’m an old analog sound reinforcement guy (hardware mxrs) so getting my head around digital routing can still be a challenge for me. I was just looking for options and I think I confused myself more than I needed to.
I had been doing just fine with Nuendo 4 for years as long as I stayed within 1 DAW.

I have a new setup where I’m trying to mix utilizing my original Box 1 (Mac, Nuendo, Aurora) then out to analog mojo (pres, comps, FX processing, etc.) to the Folcrom 16 summing and into my Box 2 ( Antelope Pure 2,PC,Samplitude Pro X2 suite) for final processing of the Folcrom 2 bus. I don’t want to go on in this thread about this strategy…just wanted to illustrate what I’m doing not why. That’s a whole other discussion.

Instead of just hard left/right and center from the Folcrom, I was looking for a way to arrange my stereo image more discretely with as much flexibility along my described signal path as possible. I want this setup to be as flexible as possible at all stages of my signal path and workflow.

It looks like my best bet is to be sure my stems/grps out of Box 1 are as set as possible for sound field imaging before hitting the Folcrom, which only allows hard left/right or combined. If I find while doing final mixing that the Folcrom 2 bus needs tweaking in terms of stereo image, I will just need to go back to the grps/stems in box 1 and tweak there. No problem…I was most likey caught up in my own overthinking and loosing sight of the big picture. I’ll crawl back into my cave now…
Thanks for the replies.