Panning in the mixer not working for a VST plugin

I’ve been using the UVI Workstation VST and have lost the ability to pan it in the Dorico mixer. I have a secondary issue with the bottom staff of the piano ignoring dynamics and attempted to reapply the playback template (suggested here Piano bottom staff ignoring dynamics). That did not fix the issue, but it cleared the UVI setting. When I re-assigned those sounds, the L/R panning was lost. The pan settings were still set in the mixer, but they are no longer obeyed. The audio is centered. The HALion sounds still respond to pan settings.

And similar to using the HALion Sonic SE VST window, when I set panning in the UVI window it is reset once the VST window is closed. That, I think, is normal (even if odd).

Ignoring my piano staff issue for another time/thread, any suggestions?

Regarding the panning issue, would you please load the project and then do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’? The corresponding zip file post here, please. Thanks

Solved (but not sure why)! I closed/reboot and then removed/readded the VST assignment. Sometimes the nuclear option works best. Thanks, Ulf.