Panning in the Montage

I have a dropout in a file digitized from a R2R tape, and would like to try panning to correct it. I’ve checked the manual and it states that I need to open the Focused Clip Window, but, having done so, do not find Pan in the menu.

I have WL6 and WL7, but neither is currently installed, and I’m guessing I would also have a problem finding Pan in WL7, not so certain about WL6, as I remember doing this all the time.

A pointer would be appreciated.

I like WL8, but both 8 and 7 were for me challenging coming from W6 as there were quite big changes.

Have been a WL user since the early days, and while I find the interface more of a challenge, things that used to give me fits seem to work automatically, now (CD Burning - always a challenge to find my burner). Miss the label maker, though.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


Re-reading my post, I guess I should have mentioned that I am currently running WL8, just to be clear.

Never mind replying - seems I posted a similar question back in November of '12 that was answered by Phillipe (thanks Phillipe). I’m in Linux now, so can’t check version 8, but will do so this afternoon.
Sorry to clutter the board with a duplicate question.