Panning is wrong after export

C 5.5. I’ve never had this problem in Cubase before, but I have things almost at the center for my piano track and I can hear it just slightly more in the left speaker. After exporting, it’s almost completely in the left speaker. I don’t know what’s going on.

Are you sure you have export set to the Main Outs?


Ok, I just realized there is some weird stuff going on with the panning in the VSTi (Garritan personal orchestra), which seems to be automating the pan in the vst and pulling it way to the right, even though there is no automation track for that parameter. :confused: The midi track panning stays where I want, but the GUI for the VSTi is wacky.

Try right clicking on the track and selecting “show all automation”

Yeah, it’s only showing the volume. It’s really weird. I click earlier in the song, and it’s centered, and then, I click later, and it’s way to the right.

I can even turn off the “R” in the VSTi’s GUI and it will keep reading this invisible automation. This sucks and I have no idea how to fix it. I tried adding a new track and pulling the midi files onto it, but the automation stays.

…Ok, problem solved. I created a new track, pulled up a new piano in GPO and assigned my new track to it. Pulled the midi and volume automation over. Now ghost automation in the panning. :slight_smile: