Panning issue between submix and stereo mix

Hello, I have a strange issue in Cubase 8 Artist that I can’t resolve.

I noticed something odds with the vocals that felt slightly more left than right when it’s a mono track, dead center.

When I solo my vocal group, my submix is completely even, left-right. But on the stereo mix bus, it’s not.

I muted all effects and bypassed everything in the stereo mix bus but I still have the issue.

Any idea why?


If you can monitor the subgroup independently from the main mix, I´d suggest you check all of your routings and sends in Cubase. If all of those are correct, it must be a wrong setting on your soundcard. No matter what, it will be hard to tell, witthout knowing anything at all about your routings and setup.

Remove the plugins on the master bus completely. Bypassing might not be enough.