Panning issue in Cubase 11 Pro

Hi there. Not sure if anybody else has had this issue, but i notice when i am trying to pan my guitar signal when mixing or recording i cannot hear any difference. However, when i put headphones on i can hear the difference albeit the incorrect direction. ie. i pan the signal left and the signal goes to the right side of my headphones. I am sure there is something simple i am missing, but any advice would be helpful. I am using a focusrite Pro 40 with Krk monitors. Thanks.


To me it sounds like a cabling issue. Could you please describe your signal path?

I expect you are using USB Audio Device. Do you have any other device between the Audio Device and the speakers? Where are your headphones connected to?

I am running my guitar to a Line 6 Helix. From there into my Focusrite Pro 40. That connects to my IMac. I am running mono in and stereo out for my channel bus.


What about the output side, please?

What you mean with channel bus?
Is your master set to stereo?
Is something flipped in panning?
Do you use Control Room?