Panning Issue With Faders

Hi all, i do apologise if this topic has already been mentioned. Tried looking on google for a good hour or so and found nothing on this situation.

Basically i am trying to pan vocals left and right on 2 seperate channels to give that stereo effect, however… the faders on each track keep flickering blue untill i pan them either left or right then it flickers red and imediatly goes back to centre when i click on another track. it does this for both mono and stereo tracks. is it because i have enabled something perhaps that resets faders to prevent you from moving them? Never experianced this before but there is also a lot that i don’t know about cubase! any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome,

To me it sounds like you have enabled Automation Write at some point and you wrote the position to the automation track(s). Now if you want to change it, you fight against the automation.

On the top of the project window, click to the green R and red W buttons (if they have this color). This will disable all automation Read/Write and you should be able to set the panner manually.

Thank you for the welcome and reply, i appreciate it a lot. Automation Write happens to be off as they ain’t green and red, this problem is occuring on every project and every track. I tried it with Automation Write on(green and red) and off aswel but no results. All faders light up with fast flickering blue colour and red when i turn them. Blank new projects also have the same issue with Write Automation turned off, I am kind of at a loss but that was great advise none the less as that does seem like the most likely solution!


Could you make a video screen capture, please? I’m sorry, I still can’t really imagine, how does it look like…