panning issue

Anyone experiencing this? Groove Agent 5 will suddenly pan to the left and I can’t figure out how to center it. This has also happened with my Session Horns as well. Somehow it seems tied to the midi part. If I start a new instance of Groove Agent, everything is stereo centered. If I drag the midi part that was on the old instance to the new track the panning of the kit suddenly goes to the left. This is without even hitting play. As soon as the midi part goes to the new track everything pans off.

hi, it seems I have a similar issue. my post is in the general forum.
Have you found a fix? any help would be appreciated.

I am having an issue where groove SE 5 randomly switches to the left. I am using a Mac on 10.12. I have reinstalled cubase after trashing preferences. still no success. can anybody help. I am bit worried cuz the guys before me with similar issues and received no answers at all from support .

Hi guys! It happened to me today. I opened a pan lane in the midi editor, messed around a little bit with the line tool and it suddenly wake up (drums in center again). Hope it was not just a coincidence. See if it works with you.

the line tool fixed it at first, but it probably was a bug or something…
try Ctrl+ Alt + Shift + click on the track that having issues and hopefully it will fix your problem.