Panning leans to the left...

I’m using Cubase 6.5, through an RME Babyface, and I seem to have developed an issue where the signal leans to the left. Even if a channel is panned dead centre, the meters and sound are probably more like left 30. I use quite a bit of panning, so it’s annoying.

It may be a plugin, so for reference I’m using NI Guitar Rig 4, a few Waves plugins and a Blue tubes compressor. I buy decent plugins, so I’m not concerned that it’s some sort of cracking bug.

I’ve checked all the obvious settings (effects etc in guitar rig and other inserts, I’m not using sends, master channel, RME settings etc) but I can’t work it out.

Any help would be tops. :slight_smile:

because i dont want to leave the question unanswered, i worked it out. i m using a Waves EQ plugin that has both mono and stereo versions. i was using the mono version (on tracks that are mono) and for some reason, that has the left lean, and no option on the interface to move the panning.

the stereo version of the plugin seems to go straight up the middle, so after replacing some patches, we are all good.