Panning messages in midi and the cubase mixer

Hi everyone,

I’m in the process of making the audio tracks for a music CD, to send to the Sound Engineer who is making the mix for clients I’m working for.

As the original midi file came from a notation program, there are some panning messages [cc 10] that came with the exported midi file. However, in the actual mixer, as some of these files are played through Vienna Ensemble before they get sent to the mixer, the panning in the mixer channels for any instruments coming from Vienna Ensemble are showing that panning is switched off, and, as the engineer wants them not panned for mixing, that’s what I need. However, I’ve been going through the midi tracks and putting all of the panning messages back to zero just in case they are affecting the panning somewhere else in the mix that I may not be aware of.

However, if the panning in the mixer for these tracks is showing the panning as set to “Off”, that must mean that the midi messages that came with the exported midi file are not affecting the panning then.

Also, any tracks that are not coming from Vienna Ensemble, I have done the same for them also.

Am I correct in this?

Thank you if someone can help me out with some info here.



Aloha Steve,

To be on the safe side I would use the
‘List Editor’ and go thru all MIDI tracks
and remove all pan info from all tracks at the source.