Panning Not responding

I am trying to pan tracks to the left or right with various soft synths (Omnisphere, Trilian, Arturia Lab) and when I adjust the panning with the pan control on the faders, the panning does not change.

What am I doing wrong?


Maybe you only have a mono output set up or your monitoring system is summing to mono somehow.

Does the master out meter show that the panning is taking place?


Before I had to leave the studio this morning I did a quick test (I had not seen your response yet). I confirmed in Cubase that I have stereo tracks and the I have stereo inputs and outputs setup in the device setup in Cubase. I also quickly started up Presonus Studio One and created a Midi and Audio track and played some notes. It too did not sound like stereo (even though the tracks are stereo). I then had an idea. I Plugged directly into my Roland Integra 7 (External Synth Module) headphone jack and it did sound like stereo and when I moved the pan control (in both Cubase 7 and Presonus Studio One) the sound did move from the left to the right. My audio interface is the Presonus Firestudio Project and I have had good luck with it typically. There is a software studio mixer that comes with the interface, but it is not active when you are running a sequencer program (like Presonus Studio One, or Cubase). I wonder if there is somthing wrong with the Presonus Firestudio Project hardware itself?