Panning problem cubase 12

hi, using cubase 12 pro. Ive a drum track running using groove agent. All was good then suddenly its panned bit to the right, but control is central. Any ideas?

Have you inserted any plugins on the track?

No…well a compressor, but I tried disabling it, made no difference

The sounds in GA are panned as well.
Snares are often slightly panned right and in the corresponding overheads the right channel “picks up” more snare than the left one.

But it depends on the loaded kit or agent.

The thing is it was central then it wasn’t.

So parts of the drums are usually panned. Is there a mono button you have pressed? I not able to look myself at the moment.

Maybe the compressor is stereo but gets fed a mono signal? Sometimes just muting the plugin doesn’t eliminate the routing that is applied to the track… maybe… try emptying the plugin slot completely… just a suspicion…

hi guys thanks for feedback, Ive taken off everything, gone into groove agent and its panned central there but kick is heavy panned right. Nightmare.