Panning problem upon reinstalling Cubase elements 7

just reinstalled cubase elements 7 win64bit everything running smoothly apart from the panning editor in the tracks!
When i pan to the left the music still plays through the centre and the same thing happens when i pan to the right.
I have just installed the cubase7 elements update and still no change. “Very strange!”
-the bypass function on the panning is fine.
-the stereo output in vst connections is fine, i have even checked my new laptop stereo outputs for headphone stereo and microphone settings everything is fine, can’t explain this mystery.
The panning is such a simple editing function that worked fine with my previous laptop before the hard drive crashed.
i wonder if i upgraded to cubase elements 8 would it fix this???

Any suggestions welcome please!!! :confused:


Do you have a Stereo Out? How is your signal routed? Is it the same with the Panning of the Stereo Out Channel?

Hi Martin

The Input routing on all my audio channels are set to “no bus”
The Output routing are set to “stereo out”

But even my VST instruments will not pan!


And the Stereo Out?

stereo out? as in…where do i find stereo out?


In the MixConsole, the most right (red) fader with the (default) Stereo Out name.

Are you trying to pan a stereo track? I think that might not work so well.

the stereo out channel is fine when i look at it through the mix console. when the panning on a particular channel is centered the Music waves are moving on the left and right as it should be, and when i pan to the left, just the left wave is moving…
and so it should be but it just does’nt sound like it through my headphones the music is still central.

In relation to earliar posts,

i hav’nt pressed/bypassed anything accidently as this is happening on all of my songs including if i open up a new project


So audible feedback is wrong even if you move the panner of the Stereo Out channel?

Then something with the connection is wrong. Do you use jack 6,3 > 3,5 convertor for your headphones? are you sure, this is a stereo one?

No converter or adaptors used. i connect my headphones directly into my laptops 3.5 jack.
But something else is strange even when i go into my laptops sound settings for Realtek HD sound to test left and right it still plays back the test sound jingle “central” regardless of whether i test left or right.