Panning problem when using Halion outputs...

Cubase Pro 10…
I’d like to use Halion outputs to mix instead of converting midi files to audio. I’m using a Halion rack instance. So, I put a Bass guitar on midi channel two, write the midi file and play it…no problem.
Now I want to mix the Bass as an individual track, so I assign Output 3 to the Bass channel in Halion. It comes up in my mixer and plays fine.
The problem is that the panning has no effect; hard left or right and the Bass is still in the center.
What am I missing here?


As far as I understand, you enable Out 3 in HALion and route the Bass to this output. So the Audio Return Channel (Out 3) is created in Cubase. Set the pan here.

If it doesn’t work, could you attach a screenshot of the routing, please?

Thank you for the quick reply. This is the first time in years I’ve gotten a reply. Many thanks.
As for the problem, I put together a small project with just two midi instruments (Bass and Accordion) with a midi previous midi track. I just backed up the project and removed all audio, etc.
But when I played it, it works correctly.
So I went back to the original project and it isn’t working. Other than having more tracks, the setup is the same. I checked and the panning also isn’t working for Groove Agent tracks, which I did the same thing.
I’m now thinking that the cpr file is corrupt. I’ll have make a new cpr and add the tracks.
I have the screenshot made but I can’t see where to attach here, but I guess it’s moot at this point.
Again, many thanks.

Hi Martin,
Just an update…
I removed the Halion and Groove Agent instruments from the project and then put them back in again; sent all the midi tracks to them as before…and now it works. So there must have been a corruption in the cpr file.
I didn’t think that this mattered until now, so I didn’t mention that I reinstalled my complete system from scratch this past week. Windows 10 issues. It must have had an effect on some of the project files. So at least now I know the fix.
Thanks again.

Win10…i5…24G ram…1TB SSD…latest full versions of Cubase, Wavelab and Melodyne Studio…RME Fireface…too many third party plugins…


I’m glad it works to you now.