Panning problem with audio track and group track. Help ..

Panning problem in orchestral session. Something escapes me in Cubase.

Stereo audio track (recording of a closed stereo violin: you have to reduce the pan and place it on the stage).

Sent in a stereo group track, itself going to the stereo out. This group receives 5 tracks in all, which need individual panning adjustments.

I pan the violin audio track. No result (or a slight volume effect).

To get a result, I have to route to the stereo out.

Why can’t a stereo audio track be panned and sent to a group with its panning result?

I miss something …

It can, as long as it is a stereo group.

That’s what I’m thinking. But it doesn’t work here. There must be a problem and I have to find it.

I just notice you say send to a group track. You need to route the output of the audiotrack to the group track instead of using sends, if thats what you are doing.

Sorry, it’s translation (google…). I’m not a Send, it’s a direct routing to the Group. And that’s what doesn’t work.