Panning problem with MR816

Hey there,
I finally got the unit out of the box (been sitting there for a long time) and gave it a try. Since my computer is not in yet I decided to give the unit a run hooking it up with my keyboard. So, it’s my Motif ES7 going into the back inputs (3&4) of the MR and outputs 1&2 going to each of my Yamaha HS80s. Simple. I get the sound out of the monitors when playing the Motif but the problem is when I try to pan a sound on the keyboard (even hard left or right) it stil comes out of both monitors like panning doesn’t work. I tried the headphones directly connected to the keyboard and pan is fine. No mater how I connect and switch around cables i still get sound out of both monitors. When panned hard I can see just one of the lights on that channel blinking meaning the keyboard is sending just to one of the channels. It’s a very simple hook up and I don’t see how I could have messed up. Is a computer (and a DAW) needed to be able to pan correctly? Well then what if I wanna use the unit for a live gig? No panning during live? Also, with the above setup I get no sound out of the headphone jacks 1 and 2 with the phones connected directly to the unit. It also doesn’t shut off automatically the monitors when headphones are connected+no headphone sound at all! Something is seriously wrong here…

probably the panputs of mr816 are centerd.(in this case u hear Mono and not stereo with your motif)
u need to connect MR to computer run MR Editor pan input 3 to left, input 4 to right (on 1-2 output Tab)
then store this settings so when not using computer the setting remain the same.

Thanks a lot. So, a computer is still needed to configure the unit. I guess that’s where i’ll have to activate the headphones as well. Not the best way to use a hardware at all. High hopes for MR but reading about all the issues people have with it I now realize that shelling out for a real high end unit even 3 times that price would have been a better option. Steinberg still lags…Again thanks for your help!

its possible to set with computer ones and store the setting, and use the same setting without a computer until u need to change, its not possible for the unit to be completly independent as some of motu devices for example where u can do all settings with the device itself even without a computer.

actually i suggested ones of major upgrade even with a small upgrade fee where the unit can be programble without a computer in one of the posts(like use the quick connect button to choose channel and use the 2 big knobs to adjust pan, vol etc,) but unfortently even more needed features are not fixed\added with costumer Request.
well i think its more yamahas tradition not do serious upgrade to devices already in market.