Panning problem

For some reason I am unable to pan either MIDI or Audio tracks. My audio tracks are set to “Left - Stereo In” and “Stereo Out”. What am I doing wrong?


Do you route it thru a Group by any chance?

Screenshot please?
Win or Mac? Wich Cubase? Version and edition…

No group(s)

Windows 10


How is the Stereo Out setup in the Audio Connections > Outputs, please?

Audio Connection - Outputs
Stereo Out
Left - Playback 1
Right - Playback 2


Sorry a screenshot would show more.

Attached is screenshot

really? I thought you had a panning problem?

Yes, but a different user asked me to upload a screen shot of the Audio Connection screen

we asked for screenshots of the problem as well…

What screenshot are you looking for?

Panning? Problem?


Could you attach a screenshot of the MixConsole, where we would see the Routing tab, panners and involved channels, please?