Panning Question


Im a bit new to Cubase and used to produce in Protools. Panning was one of my strongest areas as I was doing crazy & complex panning adjustments, I’d have the left speaker doing one thing and the right speaker doing a totally different thing on the same track.

Now the Panning options in Cubase are a bit frustrating to me.

Normally a Stereo track should have Panning as follows (100 <- Left | Right -> 100) and I can adjust both the left and right individually.
Then say you have a Mono Track, Panning is auto set to Center (L C R) and I can adjust this single mono tone to either the left, Center or right or back and forth, whatever.

Well for some reason in Cubase, all my stereo tracks are auto set to Center right of the bat so all my stereo tracks sound Mono. Ive tried messing with this, select write, draw panning modulation, but its only allowing me to make one adjustment as if this stereo track is mono, where is the individual right panning and left panning for a track?

Then there are options such as linked panner, bypass panner, standard panner -right to left , standard panner - right to left 2. Plus on the Mixer there is Stereo Combined and then Stereo Balanced?

Now if I adjust panning on the mixer right to left , it goes right to left but this doesn’t allow me to adjust the right, then the left by their selves.

Can anyone please explain this to me?

If the panner is set to balance panner, the C in stereo track means it’s panned hard L and R by default.

Right-click the stereo tracks panner. Select combined panner. Now you can adjust them individually with your mouse wheel or dragging. Left/right corners of the panner bar adjust them individually and center adjusts them both. You can also doubleclick L and R to type the value.

There isn’t too much space in the panner bar, so Stereo combined panner is one thing I like having in Quick controls for more accuracy (especially with CC121 controller).

Thank u very much Asgardao :wink: That helps a lot. I just tried it and ur right. Sounds good.

Just one more question:

What if I want to draw modulation adjustments to this combined panning, I don’t not see a specific right or left selection in the drop down when on the edit screen? I’m guessing it might be the “left to right” and the “left to right 2” if so which one is right and which is left and why don’t they call them Right and the other left?

Left right 2 is right.


ok, another question, now that I have the panning situated, I was able to write the panning automation I want, but for some reason it not only recorded the automation but recorded the on/off button. How can I have it read only the written automation without turning it on and off, I would like all on all the time. I guess I hit the on off while in write mode.

nevermind, i got it, just had to activate record on track, activate write and hit the pan on button on mixer track to overdub and it replaced leaving the automation completely on.