Panning question

I’m an amateur and new to audio engineering. I’ve pieced together a workflow as follows: Record separate song tracks on Zoom 16HD, export as .WAV files to Cubasis, mix and add effects in Cubasis then mixdown and export as .WAV to WaveLabLE to master. So my question about panning is the following:

  • I have a synth track in a song and I’m trying to figure out how to pan it from L to C to L during playback in the final mixdown. The only way I can figure to do it is to export the synth track to WaveLab add the pan, render, save and export as .WAV to Cubasis so I can add it to my song mix. Problem is, without all the other tracks to listen to I’m not sure where and how much pan to add to the synth track while in WaveLab. Make sense?

Am I bumping up against the limitations of Cubasis and WaveLabLE or am I looking at this wrong?

Thanks for any help.

Use AudioBus. Put Cubasis in both the input and output slots. Ride the pan slider for the synth as you record back into Cubasis.

Thanks surfer. I can’t seem to get it to work. I have Cubasis on my input and output of Audiobus but I can’t get the track to record. I think I’ve done the set it up correctly but I just see a “?” under Audiobus on my input for the channel I’m trying to record back to.

Hmmm… you’re right. This used to work. Mods? I have iOS 7, Cubasis 1.6, and the latest AudioBus. Something seems to have broken.

I’m still on iOS6, but am using Cubasis 1.6. I wonder if it’s due to the upgrade from 1.5 to 1.6. I never tried Cubasis to Cubasis recording with Audiobus so don’t know. On other forums, I’ve read that a workaround is to insert an app into the effects slot of Audiobus and then switching off the effects, but I’ve not tried yet as I don’t have any effects apps.

Just tried the switched off effect trick and that works.

Yep, works for me too.

Well, not quite. Now I can record back into Cubasis but I only get sound on the left. This is true for all channels. I can see a signal on the right, but no sound. This is a result of Audiobus because when I run just Cubasis the panning is fine. Strange.