Panning question


Is there a way to reset panning in Dorico to C? I have been looking around on the internet but could not find an answer, thanks.

C what?

Shift C centres the current selected note. Is that what you mean?

Ctrl+click on the panning on PC. I assume Cmd+click probably works on Mac.

@mameza7 Um, C what? :frowning:

@FredGUnn on my Windows 11 system ctrl-click in the horizontal scroll bar does not centre anything, it just moves the current position to a new one where you click. What do you mean by click on the panning?

Am I missing something I should know?

C= center

Centre of what? The whole score of many pages? I am puzzled. ‘C’ is not a common abbreviation for centre, at least in English.

They are talking about the Left/Right panning in the Mixer. Ctrl-click will return it the the C (centre) position.

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Dear me. I didn’t figure that out. i thought OP meant panning the score window left to right.

Another way to reset panning for lots of Mixer channels at once is to use a stage template that positions all instruments in the middle.

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Forgive me panning you, but I thought Aussies only panned for gold!


Whenever we engraver-types see an unfamiliar term here, it’s likely about playback!

Amusingly I was going to mention I mostly engrave and hardly ever use the playback!

Haha yeah, I was just referring to what is shown in the Dorico mixer- image attached.
Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 10.50.09 PM