Panning reverb sends

Hi, can someone explain this for me.

Some reverbs like Verbtone by SKnote allow you to pan an instance of a reverb via the sends of multiple sounds and have the reverb come out of multiple places.

My understanding is it’s the reverb device that allows this and not the unit but one developer alluded that it is possible to create this scenario via the DAW and not the reverb itself… so that other reverbs that don’'t do this naturally can do it.

Just to clarify what I’m talking about, say you have a snare and a clap and one instance of a reverb. You send the snare and clap to the reverb FX channel and on the snare send you pan it right and the clap on it’s send, left. Now the reverb for the snare comes only comes out the right(or wherever you panned it) and the clap reverb only out of the left…

Can someone clear this up, I’m not sure how some configuration could alter this and I’m not talking about panning the reverb FX channel itself, that defeats the purpose…

Any info appreciated, thanks. :slight_smile:

You can pan the send in the channel settings.

Make sure you have sends displayed in the channel settings and then change to the panning tab at the bottom of the window instead of destinations.

Tbh though I prefer having multiple reverbs and panning the FX channels.

Yes, I musn’t have made it clear enough(yeah, this is a bit tricky explaining due to multiple sets of pans) but I’m aware of that and describe it in my post when I say panning the sends.

To reiterate, I’m talking about panning a reverb there and the reverb coming out of the specific pan location I’ve panned it to.

I’ve got a clip here that explains it. This is ONE reverb, verbtone, the send for the snare reverb was panned left and the clap right as you can hear. This specific reverb allows this but most others don’t… My question is due to someone alluding that there is a way to setup something in the DAW(He mentioned Logic and PT) but I’m not sure why Cubase wouldn’t, if what he is saying is correct… He never got back to me, hence asking the experts here. :slight_smile:

Cheers. :slight_smile:

yes thats right… thats what the send panner does.

Same send FX track… different pan locations.

yes thats right… thats what the send panner does.

Same send FX track… different pan locations.

Like the op said already they understand what the send panner does…But it doesn’t work with some plugins that internally sum input to mono and output stereo. I can’t see how you could setup anything to work around that limitation.

Does this not have something to do with whether the reverb is a true stereo reverb?

edit Grim beat me to it.

Yeah, the reason it doesn’t work with the reverbs is indeed due to the different reverb modes… But the developer(reverb developer) said that it was possible somehow in the DAW…

I’m not seeing how hence asking here…

Cheers. :slight_smile:

But the developer(reverb developer) said that it was possible somehow in the DAW…

I’m not seeing how hence asking here…

In Reaper forums there is some discussion of a way to achieve this with Reaverb using multi channel routing and a 4 channel version of the plugin.
Maybe this is what they are referring to?

Whats the problem using two instances of the Reverb and panning them? You could even route the outputs of the the reverb to a group if you wanted.

Nothing wrong with it but it’s not really the same thing.

The problem is if the reverb sums to mono before running it’s algorithm then there is no way to create stereo placement in the mix with only one plugin.

Why? You have a panned mono reverb,

But that’s not what you have with panning a source into a true stereo reverb.

If you’re using a true stereo reverb then you wouldn’t have a problem using the send panners in the first place.

The question the OP has posed is if there is a way to emulate true stereo behaviour from non true stereo reverbs.

You suggestion is a perfectly valid ways to use reverb but does not emulate the same behaviour…hence my response.

Check out the plugin routing options. Insert two instances of your non-true stereo reverbs. Open the channels editor, change the tab on inserts (think ist’s called routing). Set both to mono (rightclick). Open the routing editor (another rightclick), set one to left, one to right,.voila!, there you have your true stereo reverb!

Yes Grim understands what I mean.

marQs: Interesting, even though I’m not finding your instructions very clear I attempted to alter the routing options of a Valhalla verb but it wouldn’t change, it gives the option for Mono but clicking it doesn’t do anything, it stays stereo.

I think it is just not possible after all, using one verb.

Well, it was a nice dream, just wish more developers would offer the option internally!


Typed this message on a phone, sorry for not being clear :wink:

Some screenshots of how to do it:

Only 3 attachements per post obviously, so here’s the rest:

Set up that way you essentially get two mono instances of reverbs, reacting like a true stereo verb when using the send panner in the channel that feeds it. I have simply saved some insert presets for some of my favourite mono plugins (UAD EP34 tape delay for example), so I don’t have to go through those 5 steps everytime.

You get two sets of controls also. If you want the both instances to be the same, there’s no smooth way at the moment to control them together (save/load preset).

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Thanks for the pics etc!! It was putting the 2 verbs on 1 channel I was not clear on.

I’m having 2 issues though, in 8.0.30 the mono tab would appear but selecting it did nothing, it would stick to default.

Now with 8.5, there is no Mono option…

Going into the routing editor doesn’t do anything either…

I’ve tried with my Valhalla verbs, Roomworks… and…

Now just tried with Reverence and the Mono selection works(in 8.0.30), still doesn’t show in 8.5

So something has changed in 8.5 and it appears that this technique will still only work with certain reverbs still…


Thanks again. :slight_smile: