Panning-slot plug-ins can't be merged in from other Projects

I use alternative panning devices in Nuendo pretty often (especially to overcome the archaic limitation of fixed channel numbers within a track, e.g. stereo-to-5.1). These devices (e.g. Dear VR Pro, Vienna MIR 3D) are simply ignored when merging in data from other projects, which renders the whole feature useless.

Please fix ASAP.

Related issue: Routing can’t be merged in from other Projects.


I wholeheartedly second this fix request.
This Nuendo behaviour reads as a mistake, as it is logically consistent to expect the panner slot to be preserved as part of the settings that are imported from other project tracks.
It seems like a glaring omission that panner plug-ins are not included (giving the impression that the “import tracks from project” feature is not fully implemented).

A potentially dumb question from me, but; is the routing exactly the same as far as track destination goes when importing? In other words, if it’s a stereo track with some panner used and it’s output to a stereo track with name X in the first project, and that’s then imported to a new project, does the same destination track exist in the new project as well - with the same channel count and name?

In my most recent case I was trying to import settings from an older version of the same project. IOW: All surrounding variables were identical, yes.

… but that’s not even the actual issue: These panning devices don’t show up after executing the import/merging command. And even worse: The command resets the channels to Standard Panners, even when there was the proper device already inserted (although with slightly different settings). 8-P