Panning-slot plug-ins can't be merged in from other Projects

I use alternative panning devices in Nuendo pretty often (especially to overcome the archaic limitation of fixed channel numbers within a track, e.g. stereo-to-5.1). These devices (e.g. Dear VR Pro, Vienna MIR 3D) are simply ignored when merging in data from other projects, which renders the whole feature useless.

Please fix ASAP.

Related issue: Routing can’t be merged in from other Projects.


I wholeheartedly second this fix request.
This Nuendo behaviour reads as a mistake, as it is logically consistent to expect the panner slot to be preserved as part of the settings that are imported from other project tracks.
It seems like a glaring omission that panner plug-ins are not included (giving the impression that the “import tracks from project” feature is not fully implemented).

A potentially dumb question from me, but; is the routing exactly the same as far as track destination goes when importing? In other words, if it’s a stereo track with some panner used and it’s output to a stereo track with name X in the first project, and that’s then imported to a new project, does the same destination track exist in the new project as well - with the same channel count and name?

In my most recent case I was trying to import settings from an older version of the same project. IOW: All surrounding variables were identical, yes.

… but that’s not even the actual issue: These panning devices don’t show up after executing the import/merging command. And even worse: The command resets the channels to Standard Panners, even when there was the proper device already inserted (although with slightly different settings). 8-P


I am pushing this topic up as I have just encountered the same problem again.

@steinberg - please, PLEASE devote some love to the “merge in” feature for the next 12.x.xx update. It is really lacking at every turn, not just the issue mentioned in this thread. For example, how about a finer-grained selection of options that can be included in the merge process? And so on …


Another question for the adventurous people who have already switched to NU13: Has this issue finally been addressed? (… see above).

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Iam as much interested to know about this as for Radio plays I use DearVR Pro and Monitor.
Hope it works in NU13

OK, can you tell me again exactly what hasn’t worked so far? Then I’ll be happy to test it for you.
To start with: I imported a track into another project where the dearVR panner was used in MixConsole. :+1:

But that already worked in version 12.0.70. So you probably mean something else? :blush:

Did you load it as a conventional plug-in or as a panning device? … the purpose of the latter approach is that you can have in-channel xx-to-xxx processing, e.g. stereo-to-7.1.4, which wasn’t possible in Nuendo otherwise. I use this function for Vienna MIR 3D all the time, for example.


… these settings are lost when merging in tracks from existing projects.

Of course I loaded the plugin into the panner. :upside_down_face:
But I only tested it with dearVR pro because we don’t have Vienna MIR on our computer.

I have now tested it again with version 12.0.70 and with version 13.0.10: it works with both versions.

(Unfortunately, I forgot to switch the GUI to English when creating the images. But that shouldn’t be a problem for you. :wink:)

Nuendo has copied the settings even though the two tracks are not routed to the same group track as in the original project.

Thanks for trying! Interesting results, and frustrating at the same time, as it never worked here. 8-/

EDIT: I just tried it again myself - doesn’t work here and now (in NU12). Imported tracks default to the standard panner.


That’s a real pity. :wink:

Wait a moment - did you import the settings to an existing track with DearVR already instantiated, or did you import to a “New Track”?

EDIT: “Neue Spur”, IC. :-/

I’m sorry about that. But I don’t get it. Why shouldn’t it work for you? (And apparently not for some others either.) Running version 12.0.70?
If you like, you can upload a “blank” project so I can test it in N12. You integrate dearVR pro as a panner and I’ll tell you what settings it has. :wink:

Do you use Nuendo on Mac or Windows?

I know. I have so much on my wish list. But we just bought Scenarist UHD. So we’ve spent our budget for this year. :rofl:


[quote=“MAS, post:14, topic:831649”]
If you like, you can upload a “blank” project so I can test it in N12. You integrate dearVR pro as a panner and I’ll tell you what settings it has. :wink: [/quote]

This is a basic Nuendo 12 project containing one stereo audio track with Dear VR Pro (set to 7.1.4 output) used as a panning device. The track is routed to a 7.1.4 group.


When I try to import this audio track to a new empty project, Dear VR Pro is replaced by the standard stereo panner. This behaviour is 100% reproducible on all my systems.

Both, in different versions on different machines.

Yes, but that doesn’t make any difference.

I’ll test it tomorrow and let you know the result.


I just managed to test it. Here is the result:



Thanks for the effort. Please tell me what I do differently:


I’m sorry, I shouldn’t do tests when I’ve had no sleep for over 24 hours!
I opened the project and immediately took screenshots. I opened it twice(!), but I didn’t import the track with the VR pro panner into a new project. (I didn’t notice this until I looked back at the images I linked above.) How stupid can you be? This is really embarrassing. :blush:

I have now done it again correctly. Fortunately, the result is the same. :wink:

I also did the test in our second studio with Nuendo. Version 12.0.60 is still installed and it works there too. Otherwise there is no difference. In both cases I used the same project.

I don’t do anything different when I import.

I have been playing around with this. If I don’t assign the output bus to the track, the standard panner immediately appears in the mixer. If I assign an output bus to the track again, I immediately have access to the VR pro panner.