Panning: User Err likely but can't find cause!

Hi all,

I’m 99% sure this is caused by my inexperience but, It happens fairly often and, I’ve not discovered …

:question: “Q”: Why does my Pan control disappear in my Mixer? I don’t mean disable as I know how to do that (User Man. P. 187). I mean that the panning feature totally disappears and cannot be enabled or recovered without a Channel Reset from within the Functions Menu within the Channel Settings.
i.e. The only reset that fixes the problem is done from this picture … NOTE: The “Pan” tab shows the Pan Slider there but- it is not adjustable and does not affect the Channel Panning …
This is what happens sometimes in my Mixer while I’m doing things in the Mixer’s Rack … you will notice there is NO “Bypass” button to click on AND- reapplying the Track Preset does nothing:
I don’t know what I’m doing to cause this and cannot recreate the problem on purpose. Any ideas from more experienced minds :nerd: - or Steiny support :ugeek: - is very, appreciated. This is an annoyance problem but is very time consuming to go track-by-track and reset them. Thanks in advance!

In the first pic you are showing the panning in the sends, not the channel itself.
In the second pic, it’s hard to say what you’re problem is, we have no idea what your colour scheme is, the orange audio tracks have panning, the blue don’t but we don’t know what they are. If audio tracks are orange, what are the blue tracks?

Hi BriHar & thank you for responding,

Thank you. I did not know what that Pan tab was doing. I guess it’s irrelevant to the problem.

The Blue Tracks, are showing the problem. There is no Pan field/feature above the Faders on these tracks. And no ‘enable’ button can be accessed as you can see there is NO Pan field at all. Just emptiness in those spaces. That’s exactly what I wanted to know, what did I do to cause this. This is not the same as pressing the ‘disable’ button normally to the left of the Pan feature.

I was using no color scheme at this time. This problem occurred while I was setting up a new Song creation and the blue tracks were my original Project when opened while the 2 orange tracks (1 is stereo) were added at a later time- AFTER the Pans disappeared on the Blue tracks. When created, the new tracks had proper Pan fields.

thanks again for responding. Any ideas on what/why this is happening to me sometimes?

:mrgreen: BINGO!!! I’ve solved the mystery! :blush: I was half-right it is a User error, that is to say, my not realizing the “Why?”. But it is a default occurrence in Cubase I guess because … { trumpets & drums fanfare } … :nerd: It occurs whenever I have a Mono Track output to a Mono Group or Mono Fax Track!

:bulb: Makes sense, in hindsight… why have a panner if the output cannot be panned? :slight_smile: Thanks all for taking the time to look. Case Closed!!!