Panning with the CMC-series.

I have noticed that the only module that allows panning of a track is the CMC-CH module.
If I would use this module together with, let’s say, 2 FD modules, how would the bank shifting work?
For instance, I switch to bank 9 -16 with the bank button on one of the FD modules. Does the CH-module move together with the fader bank and now control the first channel of the selected bank (i.e. channel 9)?
Since all 8 channels of the selected fader bank will be highlighted in the Cubase mixer, how do I know which panner I will be controlling?
How do I go about controlling the panning when using Stereo Dual or Stereo Combined pan modes?

The more I read about the possibilities of these modules, the more I’m getting interested, but the lack of panning control on the FD-modules is putting me off.


Hello Pixie,

The FD have no panning option. That is correct. The CH (or the CC121) is a application that is on his own. So it will work only on the channel that you have selected with it.

How does this combination look in the mixer: The FD’s channels will be marked white at the bottom of the screen (just like with a Macky controller). The selected channel of the CH will look like you have selected a channel with the mouse in the mixer.

We are already collecting feature requests (software side). When you should have an idea, then please post it here.



couldn’t you implement a function in the software where by tapping or double tapping a certain area on the fader it would put it in panning mode which would allow us to use the fader for panning?


That, or double tapping the shift button.

If the sliders of the FD are multitouch, it would even be possible to control the stereo combined or dual panners (although not very acurrately).

16 faders… no scribble-strips to show track names… no tactile feedback to feel the fader position… no pans for panning…

I have a software function request…

I would be great if the fader in the track model could be used to record midi CC. The touch surface would be very useful controlling modulation, expression and pitch bend.

Chris, do you think this is possible?

one feature request software wise:

generic remote related:

  • send channel vu as midi for selected track (send track name of selected track by MIDI sysex ASCII)
  • destination: moused-over parameter when unlocked (to use any MIDI controller as AI knob)
  • destination: mouse-over lock (to lock/unlock by MIDI)

one generic remote bound to a dedicated plugin (for all vst3presets of that plugin or for a dedicated vst3preset of that plugin )

conditional destinations
multiple destinations for one MIDI controller