I’m fairly new to Cubase and still finding my way around. I have panning automation setup on a couple of audio tracks. However, when I change the pan of the channel it just bounces back to the previous setting. For example, I insert a point and pan this R45, I let go of the mouse button and the point springs back to 0. I have even tried typing it into the inspector but the same thing occurs.

I’m sure that it’s me and I have inadvertently changed a setting but cannot for the life of me work this one out. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

Any automation enabled?

Only the automation for panning on that channel.

:FacePalm: moment. Although I had read automation enabled I had not selected the W for write automation. Told ya it would be something I was missing.

You need the automation to be write enabled whilst making your changes. If it is already then check you haven’t got more than one automation track controlling pan (not sure if it’s supposed to be possible but seem to recall it happened to me in the oast.).

Doh! I see you spotted it for yourself. :grinning: