hi everyone, i’ve panning issues? am i understanding it correctly.

  1. in Stereo balanced Panner the C means equal power on both sides but if i move pan to R40 it means that Left gets 40% lessit gets attenuated and if moved full to the right means left gets no signal so if a stereo track played i’ll hear just the right input, loosing the left input as it gets cut and does this mean pan hard right.
    ( but incase of mono track i guess it wont make a difference whether i go left or right cos theres only 1 input)

  2. in Stereo Combined Panner if it displays L -R40 means left gets 100% and right gets 40%

  3. in Stereo Combined Panner if it displays L -L40 means left gets 40% of the other signal on the left side and not on the right side.

  4. if i reverse L - R means it changes color and now the right goes to left and left goes to right so input signals reverse.

  5. in Stereo Combined Panner if it displays L -C what does that C mean as i get the R to 0% .


Basically all yes, though I don’t think they really are %, but a nominal cross-feed amount, depending upon what the internal formulae are.

For a mono signal, the panner sends the relative amounts into the L and R of the receiving group/FX/output track, so that L is only in the left channel, R fully in the right, and C equal in both and anything else part way between those.

Basically yes. View it as if you had two mono channels which you can independently pan between L and R.

It is specifically designed so you can place a stereo source only between the two markers. For example, if you want a piano to appear in the stereo ‘stage’ as being right of centre with a width of about a quarter of the stage, you would set the control to say C on the left and R50 on the right.

With the Stereo Balance Panner, you only shift the bias to the right, but it would still occupy the whole width of the stage.

Yes, though technically you have reversed the outputs.

True centre.