OK so i’m recording vocals through an interface and its through the left track,

so the question is i would like to pan the audio to the right side as well i’m using Cubase 6 Elements

Ok… so you should be using a mono channel setup in connections, to a mono channel.

Or a stereo input in connections and a mono channel with the correct input selected.

Setup 2 additional inputs in your VST connections window. One for L channel and one for R channel. Select the input your Mic is plugged into when you record and you will record only one of the 2 channels and it will be mono.

Dough… Split beat me to it :slight_smile:

ok thanks to both of you i will do that but is there a way to pan it after i recorded it, like i literally just recorded one clip of 3 seconds and wanted to preview it but it only was in the left side, i know i can do it in cubase 5 but cant find it in 6 unless its not in elements, its only in the full version like the expensive one

Insert Stereo Enhancer plugin on the Channel and set it to mono

Once you have the vocal recorded properly on a mono channel then you can pan it where you want.

Get the fundamentals right first.

Simple. Right click the blue dot in the panner and select “Stereo dual panner”

Move the channel with the audio to the center or where you want it.

The default panner attenuates the side it is moved away from and amplifies the one it is moved towards. In other words it doesn’t really move the audio in either channel.

The stereo dual panner independently moves either one anywhere in the stereo field.


Export the audio and import it back with the option to split the file into dual mono files activated (or whatever it’s called) that will permanently fix your problem.

…but is not available in Elements 6