Panorama Cubase implementation shown at NAMM

Looks really promising. I already use Panorama with Reason but this looks just as good. :smiley:

Yes, it looks like a very good controller.

Especially if you use Reason and Cubase !

imho. Panorama is a much better option than the CMC and older C121.

Unless Steinberg/Yamaha offer something new for project studios that is priced correctly, not the NuAge stuff which I feel is more geared towards high-budget post-production studios.

FYI–I am currently beta testing this controller. Working pretty darn good. Has sped me up around 45% on my productions. Not so much mixing…but laying tracks. Oh yeah.

the only selling point on this controller is the motorized fader and the buttons under the small centralised screen are fiddly ,key actions average , haven’t had a chance to find out how well it wraps third party plugin’s and if it’s automatic like automap