Panorama P1 - SPP behavior

Hi, It’s probable that this question has been asked before … but I find it so vexing and ANNOYING and I don’t immediately find a topic anyone has posted on this subject.

So I have a Panorama P1 MIDI controller Loaded with the Cubase interface… and I like a lot of its functionality… It feels more immediate to me than struggling with a keyboard interface. The one Ugly limitation to me about it is that its “SPP” controller (a continuous rotary knob) has no finer granularity than 1 bar!!! I like to be able to dial the cursor to the spot I want for all sorts of things, copy and paste, setting right and left locators … etc etc… and I HATE having to resort to a mouse if my location does not fall exactly at the beginning of a bar.

Now a while a go, I got on the Nektar support page and asked about this and why they continue to have this limiation in their hardware firmware!!! Their very unsatisfactory answer was “It is not possible to do this in Cubase”. I was really disappointed to hear this and on further reflection … I am convinced that whomever answered me was full of BS!! I know there is the Cubase “Nudge left” and “Nudge right” fuctions that can be assigned to a keyboard key combo and is defined by Quantization. I know that Steinberg controllers like the C1 has very fine control of the cursor that also can be set by quantization.

So I would like to ask here, if anyone owns one of the Panorama Keyboards or the P1. Do you know of a way to change the behavior of that P1 rotary knob? … or for that matter ANY rotary hardware MIDI knob so that it will perform the nudge left and right function?