Paolo's miscellaneous individually posted Dorico Pro 4 crash reports


This has happened a few times now. DP4 crashes when quitting. It happens either with save on quit or without saving. It also happens when connected to VEP or not.

Mac Mojave, Mac Pro 2013.

Paolo (28.8 KB)

It’s the same, non-reproducible problem relating to Qt updating its keyboard shortcuts. I’ll check with my colleagues if they can think of any way to protect against this, but I’m not hopeful.

Please don’t open a new thread for every crash you encounter. If you want to report every crash, which I don’t object to of course, perhaps append to this thread from now on, rather than making a new thread each time?


This has happened a couple times since Dorico Pro 4. I’ve done some work in the Library Manager, Playing Technique editor, and Paragraph designer. Everything has gone fine, but after one last edit in the Playing Techniques editor, saving resulted in a crash.

Mac Mojave.

Paolo (25.9 KB)

This most recent crash is the same thing again. If you have any further crashes, please do append them to this thread rather than making a new one. You can bookmark this thread so that it’s easy for you to return to.

Sure. Sorry for proliferating the threads, but I was not sure about the best way to report them.


Sometimes, the vertical scrollbar hides the group opening arrow on the right of a group name, in the Setup > Players column. There is no way to let the mouse pointer access it.

Maybe a dedicated command in the View menu, or in context-sensitive menu could help.



While reorganizing a long list of players and groups in the Setup > Players column, Dorico stalled (<1% of CPU). I had to force-quit it after several minutes. This is the spindump captured while it was frozen.

Paolo (394.3 KB)

Moving an item in the Setup > Players pane, or editing a name there, makes Dorico freeze, or take so much time that it looks like frozen. The CPU is <1%, so it is not doing much.

Here is a spindump.

Paolo (449.2 KB)

Alas, I fear the freeze also happens when editing the Routing in Play mode. Select a track, and the spinning ball stays there forever.


I use the Cmd-< and Cmd-> key combinations to route between the app’s windows.

It’s the second time Dorico vaporizes when using them. I guess this is the same issue withe Qt described above.


EDIT: It happened again just now. Here is the crash log. (26.8 KB)

I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with these key commands. Can you provide a bit more information about them?

Daniel, they are just the Command key combined with the ‘<’ or ‘>’ keys. I guess they could be any other key combination. They are just handy, since they are the first ones in the lower left corner of the keyboard.

They trigger the ‘Next Window’ or ‘Previous Window’ commands systemwide. I usually use it to cycle between the Setup or Write window, and the Play window.


I’m sorry, Paolo, but I’m still none the wiser: how would using system-wide shortcuts to go to the next or previous window help you to switch between modes in Dorico, unless you habitually use multiple project windows each set to a different mode?

I habitually use two windows open on different modes (usually Write and Play). Switching is faster, and in the past was also more stable.

With the Key Editor pane in Write mode this might be less needed, but at the moment I don’t know.


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Dorico is freezing very often. One of the most common cases is when selecting a different track in Play mode. The spinning ball goes on forever. The Activity Monitor says that it is unresponsive, and it only takes <1% of CPU. Vienna Ensemble Pro show no sign of communication with Dorico.

I’ve attached a spindump, in case it can reveal something.

Paolo (428.1 KB)

It looks as if Dorico is running as normal from that trace. Next time this occurs, please sample both the Dorico process and also the VSTAudioEngine process.

Daniel, this is the sampling of both Dorico and VSTAE while one of these freeze happened. In reality this was shorter, and lasted less than one minute. But maybe they are related.

I was choosing a different flow in Play mode. Each flow is using different VST instances. Dorico appeared unresponsive, with the spinning ball, and VSTAE was >250% of CPU. VEP was at about 80% CPU, that should mean it is also doing something (even if there is no sign of it). (148.3 KB)

This is a much longer freeze (not yet ended after a few minutes), happening after invoking the VST Instrument Edit (‘e’ button) from the Play mode.

This time, Dorico, VSTAE and VEP are all at <1%, 2.2% and 6% of CPU (so, apparently all of them idling).

In Activity Monitor, Dorico was the first to appear as unresponsive, followed after a few minutes by VSTAE. VEP was still working. To relaunch Dorico I also have to force-quit VSTAE, or Dorico can’t reconnect with it.

While invoking VST Instance (52.0 KB)

This time, VSTAE froze after I invoked to show the connected VEP instance (target button from the VSTi instance window). Dorico seems to also be frozen, even if it is not marked as unresponsive in Activity Monitor. (Edit: it is, after a few minutes).

VST Audio Engine unresponsive after invoking show (27.2 KB)