Paper size in Print mode

If you create a custom page size, Dorico displays your page in Print mode on a paper size that you select. So you can put the page on a bigger paper size, or even having the document larger than the paper size!

However, this display is maintained in Graphics export, even though the exported graphic does not get “put onto” a paper size, but is just saved at the document page size.

For example: I create a document of size 210 x 210mm. Print view displays it on an A4 page, or other page size I can select. When I switch to “Graphics”, I can no longer select the paper size, (but I can select orientation), but the print view is still on an A4 page. However, when I export my graphics, I get a 210 x 210mm file. (Which is what I wanted.)

TL;DR: Print View should display documents on their page size, not paper size, when Graphics export is selected.

Unfortunately that will not be easy to achieve, because we are using the Qt-provided print preview rather than doing any of the drawing ourselves there, and we can’t construct an arbitrary page size that is not supported by the selected printer. I agree that this should really be changed and I’m certainly not ruling it out, but unfortunately it’s unlikely to be a sufficiently high priority to be allowed to suck up a load of development time in implementing our own print preview widget in the near future.

So…can I just get this straight? I set the page size as A3 in Setup/Layout options/Page setup.
In Print mode, the paper size is fixed at A4 for graphics export. I can’t change it. I need it in A3 and will send it off to a print shop where I can specify A3 as the size I want. Is it creating the pdf in A3 or A4?

Thanks if you can let me know in case I have to ask the print shop to upscale it.

Make sure the Layout you want to export has the right page setup option… There’s a list of layouts on the right side of Layout options, that’s what I am referring to.

If you’ve set the Layout on an A3 page, the Graphics Export (PDF) will be A3.

Many thanks for that.