Paragraph element can't really have an invisible border (0px thickness or disabled border)

this might be related to @DanielMuzMurray his question (?) not sure yet

When I edit my paragraph styles for certain elements I sometimes don’t want a border at all while still having a rounded square shape or pill shape.
This is possible by setting a 0px thickness border or disabling the border in the ‘lower zone’

this results in: (where there still is a border visible, bit it stays really small even when you zoom in)

I made the background white to make it visible but a white background with rounded corners would make nog sense ofcourse.

if in any case this would be difficult or there’s a reason for it, could there be an option to select the border-color? We could then set it to the same color as the background-color of the element

the “border” option in the lower zone seams strange when compared to the “border” option in “Paragraph Styles”.

Why not have a separate paragraph style without a border for these elements? And make it have the original style as a parent so all other aspects of its formatting will get updated if you amend the original?

Edit: I think I misunderstood the nuance of this originally: are you wanting either an erased area or coloured background for these text items, without having an explicit border? e.g. the equivalent of the border being the same colour as the background? If so, can you say a bit more about the context in which you want this (the “use-case”) ? This sort of information and music examples (especially in published music) is really helpful for the developers to know about when considering potential new features or amendments.

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Hello Lillie,

thanks for your reply, the latter is indeed what I meant. Maybe I didn’t explain it very well. In this case I use it for counting rhythms. (The example is in Dutch, I believe it’s “1-e-and-ah, 2-e-and-ah”)

So when using black as the background-color there’s no problem at all

When I want to make the same in blue I always get a small black border. Even when I disable the border or set the thickness to zero

and yes the black border is indeed really small. This problem only appears when you want to use a border style. In my case I wanted a rounded rectangle with only a blue background. When a border-color could be chosen, blue in this example, the problem would be fixed

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@Lillie_Harris I found out that you actually can change the border-color (sort of) but it cannot be done in via “Paragraph styles” which is strange.

You can though do it via the options panel in the ‘lower zone’. When you choose the color, the border color changes. But so does the text-color and that’s really not what I want.

So the option is kind of there but not exactly :slight_smile:

(edit) for this very case it actually is a solution. Same border (white) as font-color (white) is possible in Dorico 4

So it looks like this would work for your white-text use case! Or am I misunderstanding?

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Yes it does! :smiley:
This case: white text, white border is possible and thereby solved.

the strange thing is that you have to do it in the options panel. You cannot do it in the ‘paragraph styles’ window

I have a few different projects and templates I’m working on, one of them uses a ‘default text’ notation with information but it’s not possible to give the ‘default text’ a paragraph style with a different border-color than the font-color. A Red border with a blue text is not possible for example