Paragraph Style Bug

I’ve been exploring how to personalize layout and look of music scores and I am very happy with the program. The more I get to know it, the more I am loving it.

There is one small thing that is annoying me though. It really does not affect the output but it just takes a small amount of time to do–an additional step. When I try to change the default font using Paragraph Styles (and I am assuming this will affect most if not all the listed styles in this option) and click apply, it doesn’t automatically change the Staff Label. I have to click on an individual part flow and go back to the full score flow before I see the change take place.

I am attaching screen shots before applying default font change, immediately after applying font change, and full score after looking at a part flow first.

Hope to hear back,
05 Fifth Screenshot.png
03 Third Screenshot.png
01 First Screenshot.png

Yes, this is a small bug. We are aware that changing the font of the staff labels doesn’t immediately update the display, and we plan to fix this in due course.

Thank you so much.