Paragraph style not on selection list until re-open project

I have created a paragraph style

But I cannot find it on the drop down list;

It is not either present on the list for short cut keys


After restart of Dorico, it is on the list;

(actually, it is enough to close the project and open it again.)

Is this by design? - It is not a problem to re-open project, but some comment perhaps is in place in the documentation on creating paragraph styles (I can have missed it though).

While it is on the drop-down list it is not in the key commands list.

I’m not in front of my computer to check, but I believe you have to click the “Save as Default” star first in order for a custom Paragraph Style to be selectable in keycommands.

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Dorico should update the menus immediately after you confirm the Paragraph Styles or Character Styles dialog, but it doesn’t do so at the moment. I’ll make sure this gets improved in future.

Yes: it will only be in the Key Commands if you’ve saved it as a default. That may need a restart; I’m not sure.

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