Paragraph style with border

Check out this project with the “ASCII Art” paragraph style which uses a border

When using it however in a general text box I’m not getting the border, ideas?

Border.dorico (507.1 KB)

When you have text in a text frame, the border will be shown around all of the paragraphs in that frame, but only if the first paragraph in the frame uses a style that needs a border.

Probably it’s some internal limitation or another, but if possible there is a use for standalone. In this case I want to do something similar to code type sections in forums, for example, where the text is formatted mono with a border for that section to offset and highlight that it’s showing something different. It could be solved with a single text box but these kinds of things scatter around.

Ha - funny, I didn’t intend it to take my ‘code’ bracketed codeword as formatting, but it shows the idea :grin:

Thanks -

This isn’t something that’s likely to change in the near future.

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