Paragraph Styles Border Property not working

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to add a border to a Pararagraph Style but no matter what setting I apply there, I cannot create a border on any of the Paragraph Styles. Might there be some overlaying setting somewhere else that prevents this or am I doing something wrong?


Try flicking a couple of switches on and off. There’s a bug that means that Dorico doesn’t always register the change as an update to the style. When it’s going to work, you’ll see an asterisk to the right of the name of the Paragraph Style in the left panel.

Thanks Leo, tried doing that and also saw the asterisk a few times, which indeed shows up as soon as I change a switch, but that unfortunately doesn’t give me the border after pressing OK.

Hmm. Puzzling. I don’t seem to be able to work here, either, for Staff Labels or Instrument Change Labels. I’ve definitely made it work on a custom paragraph style in the past week or two…

Yes, exactly what I found out too. No problem on Custom Paragraph Styles but not working on any of the “Factory” ones…

The border property will work for Shift+X and Shift+Alt+X text, but not for things like staff labels or instrument change labels, since although they are drawn using those paragraph styles, they’re drawn via separate processors that don’t (at the moment) respect the border property.

Thanks Daniel for the clarification. Hoping this will be implemented in the forseeable future as boxed instrument changes are more or less the standard in the film scoring world.

Actually yesterday I was creating a paragraph Style in hope I could use it for playing techniques that then would have a border. Turned out they couldn’t. Quire fairly, the difference between Text Styles and Paragraph Styles are not always 100% clear to me, and I assume neither to new users.
It would be nice if the features of the paragraph styles (including borders) would be appliable to all drawn texts of Dorico.

Yes, the difference between Font Styles and Paragraph Styles has stymied all of us at some point, and even Daniel has admitted to its being a bit counter-intuitive, quite recently, in fact:

His explanation of the difference is very good.

Any update on this? I’m trying to add boxed text on the first page to indicate how many clicks the musicians will hear in their headphones. Can’t make any border show on any text. Works in Write mode but not in Engrave mode. Dorico 3.5

Hi Alastair, welcome to the forum! Is your click indication a text object (e.g. added in Write mode using Shift-X) or in a text frame (drawn in Engrave mode)? If the latter, you can add a border to the frame itself.

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Hello, just to add that this bug still appears to exist, I’m having the same problem today.

Can you be more specific about what you consider to be the bug here, @Scorehighly? It’s expected behaviour – albeit unhelpful expected behaviour – that the border option for paragraph styles only takes effect for Shift+X and Shift+Alt+X text items and not text in frames.

Ah, I found that confusing. I’m trying to turn it on for instrument change labels, within Paragraph styles.

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Yes, I’m sorry, that’s a case where it doesn’t work at the moment, but definitely will in a future version.

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It would be nice if the warning (to clar.) was a separate style from where the playing starts (clar.)…

Not this one though, it seems?

(What was that bumping noise?) Oh, sorry, Edd, it was just you.

LOL. Didn’t mean to bump - just happened to be the first time I tried to do this and I was a good little boy and searched the forums - not sure if I’m right or just not doing it properly…

It does work for the “Instrument change labels” paragraph style, but you can’t at present have one label bordered and the other not, which we know people want.