Paragraph styles bug

A system-attached text object with a paragraph style that has Align with systemic barline if at start of system checked will be correctly aligned. But once the project is saved, closed, and opened again, the text is no longer aligned correctly and appears as if the box was unchecked. This can be fixed by opening Paragraph Styles, unchecking the box, clicking OK, then opening Paragraph Styles again and checking the box again. The text remains aligned correctly until the project is closed and opened again.

This bug only occurs with system-attached text. Staff-attached text behaves as expected. The bug is reproducible from a new blank project in v.

Thanks for reporting this. However, I’m unable to reproduce the problem. Could you please attach a minimal example that reproduces the problem?

In fact, Lillie’s provided me with a project that exhibits this behaviour, so I can now reproduce the problem and will hopefully be able to fix it in due course.


is there already any fix for this?


Not as of yet, since no update to the program has been issued since this was first reported. Hopefully it will be fixed in D4.

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