Paragraph styles

I’m trying to create a new text style (for section names that automatically has a border). I’ve created one in the paragraph styles dialog. So far so good, but now how do I get it to appear anywhere so I can actually use it? It doesn’t show up anywhere in the text categories in the write menu. I’d also like to create a shortcut for it…
Basically I want to create what in Sibelius is called boxed system text.

When you add text items, you can select a paragraph style to use for that item from the text editor options pop-up that appears.

Once you’ve saved a paragraph style as default (i.e. clicked the star button), you can set up a custom key command that both adds a text item and automatically selects a particular paragraph style.

Thank you, Lillie. I didn’t realize that you have to open up the text input thingy first, and only then select the text style you want.

The paragraph style I’ve created does not show up in the key commands window, though. Any idea what I might be missing there?

In the Library > Paragraph Styles dialog, have you


yes I have