Parallel Compression in Wavelab

has anyone an idea how I could do parallel compression (or New York Compression) in Wavelab using
the Waves C1 for instance? The C1 has no dry/wet fader of anything similar.

Found nothing regarding Wavelab in the forum.

Regards, Mike

This is not possible, unfortunatly.
However, WaveLab has a dedicated “internal” plugin that could interest you: “Ducker”, specialized for voice/music and broadcasting.

Usually a clean track is mixed with the same more or less heavily compressed track, you could do this in montage. Remember that the C1 can duck Left to right, or viceversa (internal sidechaining for mono signals).

Thanks for your answers. Ducking is not want I want to do, it’s just a gentle compression for
lower levels, but still keeping the dynamic range during louder parts. That’s more common in
classic or jazz genre. The only idea I have in the moment is using the NI Guitarrig as container.
But this limits me to the NI compressors that come with the KOMPELETE bundle.

Parallel Compression possibility would be a good feature for the forthcoming WL8.

Hi there …

Whilst I suspect you will getter much quicker and possibly ‘better’ results from a compressor such as Dave Gamble’s DMG Compassion (which has this and other cool features built in), you could try this:

Set you maximum compression level. Render the track and name it appropriately.

With the compressor engaged but with all controls at zero, render the original track again … naming it appropriately. You do this to ensure there are no weird sample delay things going on in he plugin etc.

Import both rendered tracks into a montage. Zoom in and check that both tracks are aligned correctly … never turn your back on digital.

Adjust clip volume to blend compressed and non compressed to taste.

Render the montage.

Good luck.