Parallel NY compression in C7

So, there’s a tips and tricks tutorial for C 6.5 on how to do Parallel Compression (New York trick).

I have tried to do the same in Cubase 7 but have become completely lost ! :confused:

Does anyone have a simple protocol to achieve this in Cubase 7.

(I tried duplicating tracks and got phase cancellation interference, so don’t want to go there again.)

I’d like a send based method (as in video tutorial for C6.5). But sends seem very different in C7.


You do it in C7 exactly the same as in C6.5…the only difference in sends is how they look!

If copying the track caused phasing then perhaps there is an issue with pdc reporting of the compressor plug you tried…or maybe you copied it to a different start point?

I do it by sending to group as you can’t send directly to a track.

If audio is on track A
Create a group B and insert compressor
Set up send (pre fade best so you don’t alter the level hitting compressor when adjusting the track faders later) from track A to group B and turn on.
Adjust comp on track B to taste (or forget taste and overdo it quite a bit)
Turn it down and fade up slowly against track A till it sounds good.

Perfect answer. :slight_smile:

If one follows this method one is sure to be safe.

The two crucial things are:

  1. Send to a Group track

  2. Turn on the sends (they are initially greyed out/off. Click top left on button->they become blue/green)

Thanks for the good and concise advice. :smiley:


Since this I’ve found…
FYI: the tube compressor plugin supplied with Cubase 7 has a “mix” button (dry:compressed) for instant NY/Parallel compression.

also for parallel processing, even when properly PDC’ed, you may want to use phase-linear EQs to avoid phase-related frequency boosts/dips around the crossover frequency (ies) on your filters.

This is not the real way NY Compression should be used. Normally NY Compression uses different EQ/ Filter settings for dry and wet signals. in order to get better results.

In order to use NY compression you will have to use VST3- Compressor Plug-Ins, because they are sample correct.
VST 2.x Plug-In could create phase errors/cancellation.




Did you just say that we should not try parallel processing on ANY plug-in that is not VST3?

Obviously with respect to 'if it sounds good…"

Nope, but some VST 2.4 Compressor Plug-in are using a look-a-head function and this could produce phase errors.
VST 3 Plug-Ins should work without any issues even with a look-a-head function.

I normally use Plug-Ins like the Yamaha VCM 276 compressor…it is perfect for NY compression.
Pumping awesome sound…
Do not forget to filter the bass frequencies on the compressed track. i normally decrease frequencies below 200 Hz (-3to -6dB).

Try to use a Stereo Expander as an addition…on the original dry signal and mix it to the compressed pumping wet track…



OK, thanks that makes sense.
Most limiters are using lookahead, right or no?

I use a lot of UAD parallel processing, actually most of my bussing is not direct, but sent and returned in %. Usually not too much limiting however. Parallel comp is good with vintage style compression, most of them probably not lookahead by design.

Hi there,

my post was related to older VST 2.x Plug-Ins, good to hear the UAD do not produce a phasing cancellation.
I haven’t used them for NY compression…



Thanks for correcting me Marcus :slight_smile:


This really does seem like a (small) ‘bombshell’ to me. I thought the whole idea of PDC was that one was -guaranteed- that the entire signal chain for all channels was synchronised regardless of the ‘delay’ produced by the VST.

I thought the only way this would -not- happen would be if the original recordings were themselves out of alignment? (IOW: multi-mic drums) OR if one moves an event back or forward.

Eg. if one puts a VST compressor such as UADs multi-band compressor on a group track (I just picked that because I happen to know it causes a HUGE delay—over 1000 samples) then Cubase simply delays -every- track by the appropriate amount to keep them all in perfect alignment.

Or are you saying this problem could only occur if the VST does not report an -accurate- number of samples it delays? How would one know this?

Please advise.



Hi there,
This is nothing new, that some older VST 2.x Plug-ins are using a look-a-head function that is not (correctly) reported to the host application. As I said, I have never used UAD Plug-ins for NY compression, I only use VST 3 Plug-ins.
Some years ago it had been a pain to try a NY comoression, you always had to delay the original track manually.