Parallel processing

Does anybody know an EASY way to do this? I’ve just copied a group channel (drums in this case) but feck all came over with it, ie Silence. Is this a routing thing? How do I do it in C6? I want to process one drum group and leave the other pretty much untouched.

Hmm, can’t be done in Cubase using that method. Seems you need to create a group channel and call it NY Comp or whatever and send the drums there, bit like you’d do with an fx channel, and mess around with how much you want to send. Hmm…

I’m in the middle of setting this up for vox. Hope it works for you, philter2011!

Hiya Phil,

Don’t know the proper way to do this. But if you want to get it done, Duplicate all the tracks involved and send the origional tracks to the ‘first group channel’ and the copy tracks to the ‘second group channel’. with this set up you can process to your hearts content. Heck, you could then send ‘first grp and second grp’ to a ‘master group’ channel to have fade control over the see-bang and even process some more all the way to where it sounds like ‘clonk’ and you go back to the origional and think it sound marvelous.


Something else I bookmarked as I was looking into how to do this:

Do this all the time.

Set up three stereo group channels

route the drums to first group called Kit No Comp
assign all drum channel send 1’s (or whatever) to second group (all sends set to 0dB post fader) called Kit Comp
assign group 1 and 2 to group 3 called drum level.

Or variations on this approach.

No need to duplicate the track…

As said above, Just set up a separate group channel and ‘send’ whatever you want to that group… This way you can process the group as much as required and mix the level of this processed channel with the un-processed original channel…

I always parrellel compress my group tracks - drums, vocals etc, but then I always parrellel compress the entire song slightly also

Sound like you may be The original Mr Parallel Compression :laughing:

I will be sending the group channel to the group channel. Process one but leave the other. I thought about doing individual tracks but that’s a pain in the butt and won’t be happening :laughing:

well this is slick, been testing it out. Thanks for the tip.


I’ve always done this with drums, but never thought to use the same technique with vocals etc… let alone the entire mix :open_mouth:

Easy parallel compression method is to have only one drum group and process this group with compressor, that has dry/wet control. This way you don’t need to route or duplicate anything.
Drawback of this method is, that you can’t process separate groups (normal / compressed) with any additional effects/eq.

If you’re interested in parallel compression techniques, especially on vocals you should watch this video where Michal Brauer explains his technique for multiple parallel compression.

Also check out the other vids :wink:

Dare I say it (or dare Michael say it)

He likes the black eyed peas! States it in the interview. :laughing:

Thanks for the link to that. Michael is a really great guy.

Nice, thanks Split!

For those who don’t want to listen to the whole thing (though I can’t imagine why not) -the multibus compression discussion starts around 26:45.

His technique translated for Cubase is what this post from SOS is :

Michael Brauer is as said above THE original Mr Parallel Compression, not me.

He uses this technique for all groups using different compressors on each parallel to add in tonal differences from each compressor… This is a great tut:

Haha just noticed someones already added the link.

Anyway, its a good one to get you going…

Haha… see it always pays to read through the whole thread, stops parallel responding :laughing:

Haha… see it always pays to read through the whole thread, stops parallel responding :laughing:

Yeah good one lol