Parallels And Mac Users


I’m working on a Mac, but some other software I may need to use is Windoze-only. I’d like to avoid having to partition the system drive.

Would Parallels cause any problems for Nuendo? About two or three years ago, audio professionals reported problems with Parallels and their DAWs. Does anyone have experience(s) to share?

Thank you!

Not a good idea at all.
A DAW needs POWER for it’s real time audio streams and a virtual system cannot deliver that performance.

Thank you for the response! I’m sorry I wasn’t clear.

I will be using the Windoze applications via Parallels, and Nuendo directly on OS X. In the reports I heard, the audio professionals were saying, that just having Parallels on the system caused problems for their DAWs.

So, the question is, will just having Parallels on the system cause problems for Nuendo, even though I’ll be using Nuendo directly on OS X?

Hello GT,

Obviously you’re not going to have Parallels running while using Nuendo. Just having it installed is not a problem, there’s a small usb daemon that runs but it’s not doing anything if Parallels isn’t launched. Some previous versions of Parallels messed up the usb system such that things were unstable and some native apps didn’t function if Parallels was installed even if not running, but that has been fixed and there are not any issues that I know of as long as Parallels is not running.

Thank you! HUGE sigh

Now, to psyche myself up to seeing that Windoze interface again. :laughing:

In an ideal world don’t have any Parallels-only-designated usb devices plugged in while running Nuendo. If you use a usb device that’s only used for Parallels and you’ve selected the “virtual machine always” (or whatever it’s called) for that device, unplug it before launching Nuendo. Ideally. But not essential, no instability I know of.

Whats the windowz program?