Parameter's "shortTitle" length?

Is there a maximum or recommended maximum length for the ParameterInfo’s shortTitle field? Is this field actually displayed in the host anywhere?

The shortTitle is a String128, so if you ignore UTF-16 surrogate pairs, you have 128 unicode characters.
A short title will most likely be displayed on remote devices. I don’t know if it is displayed on the screen anywhere inside Cubase. But remote devices definitely use it.

Hi Arne,
yeah, I saw that it was String128, but that doesn’t mean that any hosts or external control surfaces would want to show that long of a string. I’m not familiar with any specifics on who/what does use it, so I was hoping more for information on what the practical limits would be. I don’t want to have “Vibrato Rate” and “Vibrato Pitch” both truncated to “Vibr” on someone’s system, for example, if I can help it. And I don’t have any way to test that that I know of. (No remote devices here in my office.)