Parametric Curves in Tempo Map

It’s a shame, but I can’t seem to find a way to draw a curve in the tempo track. I can find ramps and steps…

So I decided to find a work around. By exporting a tempo map from Cubase showing ramped points where I would like the curve to appear. I can see that each point is an xml object with a unique ID, etc.

Using a spreadsheet to calculate the tempo at these given points, it’s possible to swop out the ‘arbitrary’ points for the desired ones. Below is an example using an exponential of 3 to create a dramatic rallentando.

…and what it sounds like:

Here is a second example.

Showing an accellerando and a later rit…

Here is the Excel sheet showing the proposed swopped out point BPM values…

… and finally what it sounds like

Dear Steinberg, could we please have this ability built in. It would be much easier than having to do what I’m doing and ‘hopefully’ as you can hear accellerandos and rallentandos sound so much more musical as curved alterations than simple linear ramps? What do you think???