Parametric 'Swing' For Cubase Drum Patterns

Apologies if this has already be covered by I’ve searched and while swing is referenced, the query I have isn’t touched upon.

Picture a typical hardware drum machine - these will typically have a ‘swing’ dial on them that one can adjust to adjust the amount of swing is added to a pattern.

I’m trying to find an equivalent function in Cubase 10 (while using NI Battery 4 for instance). I want to be able to loop a pattern that I’ve programmed in drum map and then adjust the swing amount in real time using a midi controller knob.

The only thing I’ve found in Cubase that comes close is the ‘swing’ parameter in ‘Beat Maker’ which is a Midi Insert. Beat maker is extremely unwieldy and primitive (no undo, no multi-select, no channel routing), however is has a dial that let’s you add swing.

Does anyone know an alternative to Beat Maker in cubase that can do this?

Quantising midi notes is NOT the answer for me as I need contiual changes in swing amount, played live.

Any help would be very appreciated.




You can use the Quantizer MIDI Insert and change the Swing parameter on the fly (automate it).

Hi Martin again

Thanks so much for the tip - I’ll give this a go!