Parent default in playing technique font?

When I set the Playing Technique Font to just be the same as the Default Text Font, it will be smaller. I have to turn on the size switch to have the same size. Shouldn’t the size of the Default Text Font come over anyway?

Shift-X text uses the Default Text Paragraph Style.
For reference, the default sizes are:
Default Text Paragraph Style: 12pt Staff-relative
Default Text Font Style: 10pt Staff-relative
Playing Technique Font Style: 11pt Staff-relative

If you’re trying to match Playing Techniques against Shift-X/Shift-Alt-X text, you need to match the Default Text Paragraph Style and the Playing Technique Font Style (which you’ll have to do manually - a Font Style can’t be parented by a Paragraph Style and vice-versa.)

Wonderful, thanks a lot Leo!

Listening to you on a podcast right now btw…

Crumbs. I hope I didn’t say anything wildly inaccurate…

:laughing: no worries!