Parentheses around chord symbols with inversions

I use chord symbols with chord inversions in my lead sheets, and I include capo chords in parentheses. However, there’s an interesting visual bug, as you can see in the attached image, where the parentheses around the chord inversions in the capo chords are bolded; I would prefer them to not be.

Any ideas? Thanks!

I don’t think they’re bolded, rather they’re just a bit larger to fit around the extra height required by the slash. You’ve got some options to control the appearance/weight of chord symbol parentheses.

Thank you, that’s so helpful!

OK, looking at this again, I should specify that I’m using Elements, not Pro.

I also want to change the thickness of the capo chords only; if I want to follow the procedure below I need to parenthesise both chords. I only want to change the capo chords. Any ideas, please?

I’m confused how you’ve ended up with your original picture in Dorico Elements, then. How did you input those?

Could you share your project? It’ll be easier to try things out.

Thanks Lillie. I changed the setting in Library > Chord Symbols, in the Capo section near the bottom; then in Setup mode I right-clicked on the player to Chord Symbols > Show capo symbol above main, then defined the capo definition.

Alleluia, sing to Jesus.dorico (869.9 KB)

Ah right yes that makes sense, thanks for sharing the project. In that case, it might be that you can’t control the size and appearance of those parentheses, I’m afraid.

I thought so, unless you knew of something sneaky! Where might I file a feature request, in that case, please?

In a pinch, you could also post the project here with the request of what you would like adjusted, and a Pro user would certainly be happy to make that change and sent the file back to you for use in the future, if that would help.

Dan, it’s not something that’s possible to control in Pro either, as far as I’m aware – the properties controlling the size and appearance of parentheses relate to chord symbols on which you’ve shown parentheses, rather than capo chords shown with parentheses (subtle, I appreciate).

@_dreaves – you could consider this thread a feature request in itself, as someone (else) from the team will read it at some point.

Ugh, sorry. I skimmed too quickly and thought it was an Engraving Option.