Parentheses over multiple bars and more


I’m new at the forum, but I see you guys reply fast (great job!) on here so I will try to drop my question here!

  • I’d like to know if there’s a possibility to write multiple bares in parentheses? I would like to notate an ‘optional’ line.

  • Also I’m looking for a proper way to display chords above written notes for just a few bars. For instance; The rhythmsection is playing slashes and chords, and the trumpet is playing just notes, but at some point there is an ‘optional’ line with the chords above it for a few bars. Is there a way to display the chords for just those bars, other than just hide the chords for the rest of the part?

I’m still exploring Dorico 3.5 and I’m so glad with all the solutions you’ve found for the problems I had with my previous software (finale).


Welcome to the forum, Robin. Dorico doesn’t have a proper feature to draw bars in parentheses, but you can use vertical lines to create bracket-like things that might do the job.

For your chord symbols, check out chord symbol regions.

For your optional line, and depending on how you want to notate it, ossia staves might be another solution?

That does the trick for the chords! Thnx for your fast reply.
I will try the bracket.


Thnx, I will definitely check this out!